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How Dead Babies Are Changing the Way You Market Dietary Supplements

Disease Tonic? South Korean customs officials discover dietary supplement capsules containing ground up baby flesh believed to be a tonic for disease. Dietary supplement and Pharmaceutical companies receive supply from hospitals and abortion … [Continue reading]

Kashi Case Study: Brand Transparency

Why do companies marketing products to the natural products industry believe they can mislead customers and get away with it? The larger question is perhaps why they want to mislead in the first place. Is the temptation to mislead stemming from their … [Continue reading]

‘Disruptive Innovation’ Killer… “When Is My Drop Dead Date?”

Small business owners interested in disruptive innovation, executing money making ideas that will change their market, or successfully executing their niche marketing strategy as required, must avoid asking this question at all costs and at all … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy: Niche Marketing Explained

I shared previously about why niche marketing was critical to your small business plan, to the success of the small business ideas you implement. Let's review the benefits your small business will realize in more detail. Your chances of success … [Continue reading]

Greatness: Create Your Own Resistance

Henry Ford once said "When everything is going against you remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." Interestingly, it's the airplane that creates the resistance by its force and momentum derived from its forward … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy: Forget Core Competency

When was the last time you asked yourself "what is our core competency as a company"? You may be creating your marketing strategy, or reflecting on your brand's poor sales performance. You may want to increase your ROA (return on assets) by … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy: Product ‘White-space’

White-space is the Holy Grail every marketer searches for, and to which every marketing strategy must capture. It's the land where his/her product can truly make a difference to people's lives, and of course generate attractive profits for company … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy: Next steps for RIM

I loved my Blackberry. It does email better than anything, still. Blackberry was the technology symbol of business elitism and power. I remember glancing around me on business flights to see what phones were used. The vast majority of power business … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy: Four Keys to Great Decisions and Leadership

Great decision making and leadership is more complex, obviously, than four keys or principles. However, implementing these four principles will significantly increase your success as a marketer (creating great marketing strategy), CEO, COO or … [Continue reading]

Misguided Leadership: Jail the Captain, Free the CEO


The Captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship is justifiably jailed and facing possible charges of manslaughter. 11 confirmed dead (more likely to be discovered) resulting from the Captain's failed leadership and blatantly taking the ship off-course … [Continue reading]

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